Chief Keef – Life and Journey

Chief keef known as an American rapper is quite famous. He achieved success at a very young age. He is a rapper, composer and record producer. Like I said he got his popularity very soon, in his early twenties. He was famous amongst his schoolmates and since childhood he has been practicing rapping. At a very young age noted as five, he began rapping.  Even as a kid he was good at music.  But today if you want to know how much is chief keef net worth then you would be surprised.

It may seem odd, but things do happen. Keef started his carrer at a very age and achieved a lot. Taking about his early life, he grew up in Australia. His name is Keith Farrelle Cozar, his is named after his desesed uncle. His relationship with his dad was not a good enough. For years his legal mentor was his grandmother.  Growing up he did not had the life that he has today. there were many things that he has achieved today and this is all because of his hard work and passion.  if hard work is the path then passion is the key.

Having said this, keef was passionate about his music since childhood. At the young age, he used to record his music using his mom’s kakrekoe recorder. This gave rise to the young star. Achieving fame & success in a young age, today at the age of 23, keef has it all. The net worth of chief keef is $2 million.

His achievements are remarkable.  He has achieved many things in over a short period of time.  being a super star not easy. There are ups and down in everyone’s life. There was a moment for keef when he fired shorts form a shortgun. The cops came to the place and arrested him. Being a celebrity he served his imprisonment in a better way.  He was house arrest and served a punishment for 30 days which got extended by another 30 days of confinement.

Being in prison was not enough, he started making videos and posted them online. This resulted in crazy fan following. The fans went crazy for him, after getting  out of the prison, his latest album received a lot of attention and rocked the market. His album was also noticed by Kayne West and along with other rappers created a remix of the song.

Keef achieved a lot in a short tenure of life span. Talking about the love life, keef had few affairs and some of them were pretty close. In 2013 he dated a model and the relationship flourished with children. Keef has 4 children from different women. Today if you see his relationship status it is single.

Over the years he has grown and excelled. He is now considered one amongnst the famous rappers. Although in 2016, he said that it is time for him to take a retirement from rapping. Clearly this news will break the heart of his fans. Recently he has released his latest album, ‘ Two Zero One Seven’.